When you have a condition that isn’t pain or structural, herbs are the internal medicine that are the better tool. Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years in the east to correct imbalances in the body and to restore health. It is the most practical of herbal medicine as the way illness and health are thought of is to address the underlying cause of a symptom rather than the symptom itself. For example, when you take something that makes you sleep, if you stop it then you have trouble sleeping again. Chinese medical herbs treat why you aren't sleeping so you end up not having to take something for the rest of your life.
Herbs can be as powerful in the body as pharmaceutical drugs. At Achieve Health Naturally we take this very seriously. We know some herbs can be toxic in some forms or at high doses, and others can cause allergic reactions. We are trained to know the cautions and contraindications for each of the herbs and formulas we prescribe so we do not have the risk of herb and drug interactions. Seeing a fully trained and qualified practitioner assures you that all these factors are taken into consideration. Any time there is ever a question or concern with any of our patients we do not prescribe anything and, instead, refer to the appropriate physician for further evaluation.

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