How Does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncture is just one tool in the toolkit of Chinese medicine. It consists of inserting very fine needles, not much larger than a human hair, into places on your body associated with correcting the condition treated. Usually this is on your arms or legs and often not any farther up your limb than your elbows and knees. You will be relaxing in a recliner with soft music and dim lights for between 20 and 40 minutes. Please wear short sleeves and shorts or loose sleeves and pant legs that can be comfortably pushed up over your knees and elbows.

What to expect

Usually you experience no pain with the insertion of a needle. If there is something uncomfortable we will adjust the needle so you can rest well during your treatment. People often say they don't notice the needles as much as they notice the deep relaxation after they are inserted. 

At your first visit we will create a treatment plan based on your current condition and your health goals. If you have had a condition for years, it could take months to correct, but that means correct, not just relieve your symptoms. And sometimes, if your condition is fairly new, one treatment can eliminate something that just showed up.


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