Meet Reba Eagles

Reba has been practicing Chinese medicine for 30 years.

She is also a functional medicine practitioner, clinician educator and wellness mentor. Her thoughtful yet scientific approach to healing yields consistently successful results – even with chronic health conditions most patients felt they would “just have to live with” for the rest of their lives.


Struggling with health issues? Let's address them naturally.

With years of experience and a deeply thoughtful approach, our clinic in Windsor Heights is ready to help you on your health journey. We use acupuncture and Chinese Functional Medicine to aid your body's natural healing processes, providing relief for a variety of health issues. Choosing Achieve Health Naturally means choosing a compassionate and dedicated practitioner who listens and co-creates a treatment for you based on your needs.


This is our simple process at Achieve Health Naturally

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Book An Evaluation

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Get Custom Treatment

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Start Seeing Improvement Immediately

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Explore the myriad benefits our clinic brings to your health journey

Holistic Healing Approach

We tap into the body's natural healing mechanisms and create the conditions for your body to heal itself.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Our care is tailored to YOUR unique health needs and goals.

Experienced Acupuncture Practitioner

Reba Eagles has extensive training and over 30 years experience in acupuncture and Chinese functional medicine

Unlock your wellness potential

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